Photos by JoAnne C. Broadwater

Gallery  —  Posted: September 8, 2013 in Backyard chickens

 By JoAnne C. Broadwater

When a newly purchased house has a chicken coop, the homebuyer has no choice but to fill it.  What better way to start than with a box filled with the adorable chicks  that are a child’s wildest dream.  In a few months there will be eggs aplenty to gather and enjoy.  Watch the show>>

Ithaca Farmer’s Market

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Backyard chickens

By JoAnne C. Broadwater

The Ithaca Farmer’s Market has been a tradition in upstate New York since 1973. Residents and visitors throng to Steamboat Landing on Cayuga Lake where they can enjoy local produce and wares.  An ecotour boat carries passengers from the dock on an exploration of one of the glacial Finger Lakes.  Native Ithacans have made this award-winning farmer’s market a weekend tradition.

Photo by Devon Razey

By JoAnne C. Broadwater

The colors of fall have come to the Towson University campus in Maryland. Students are enjoying the crisp days and the beauty of the season. They’re bundling up in warm clothes, working on papers and projects and preparing themselves for finals. After that comes holiday celebrations and a long winter break.

The month of February may be short, but it certainly saw no shortage of snow for Maryland in 2010.  Two blizzards in less than a week paralyzed the state, confining Marylanders to their homes and leaving them desperate for escape.   Click here for a look at some snow scenes from Harford county where residents admired the record-breaking snowfall and then picked up their shovels and started digging.

Newborn moose in Grand Tetons National Park

By JoAnne C. Broadwater

Hikers can enjoy sharing the mountain trails with moose, grizzlies and black bears, but  you don’t even have to leave your car for a glimpse of these majestic mammals.  Read more>>

White Hall farmer Zach Rose planted 600 acres of golden sunflowers that were stopping traffic and charming visitors for several weeks last month.  Read more>>